The average U.S. citizen uses about 25,300 gallons of water a year.

When you're in the shower, every second matters. Lessen your ecological footprint while jamming out to your favorite songs with Streamy.

  • Playlists curated just for you
  • Built-in timer to ensure minimal water consumption
  • Completely free to use

What can Streamy do for you?

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Perfect Playlists!

Streamy personalizes and curates the perfect playlist just for you, ensuring that you have the best shower experience.

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Countdown to Cutdown!

Streamy has a built-in timer that pauses music when it runs out, motivating you to finish your shower by the end of the timer. Saving 5 gallons of water is as easy as cutting 2 minutes off your shower!

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Collect Dribblepoints!!

Dribblepoints are Streamy's point reward system — when you finish your shower before the timer goes off, you will earn Dribblespoints! Coming soon, Dribblepoints can be redeemed for rewards.

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Compete with Friends (Coming Soon!)

Add your friends on Streamy to compete with each other to see who can get the most Dribblepoints!